The first intuitive
Resource Intelligence (RI) system

Cirons is a holistic system with intuitive technology, it comments on your day to day operations, giving suggestion to keep your company in good health. Cirons main aims are to build confidence to save you time and resources - we do this by analyzing and extracting your vital data, which is then analysised and presented in dynamic charts and widgets, so it's easy and quick to understand.

What is Cirons?

Cirons is Resource Intelligence. This is intuitive, voice controlled, stacked with state of the art business intelligence, faster, quicker and better.

Cirons is the complete solution

Cirons provides an integrated toolbox you'll wonder how you could ever be without. Cirons is the complete package when it comes to running your company. We'll give you easy to use tools that makes understanding your business a walk in park.

Cirons never sleeps...

A company's state of health is vital. Therefore Cirons analyses your business data in real time, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year so that the user is never further than one click away from all vital information about your business.

We will grow with you, that's our pledge to you.

If you see that you need a specific function or are possibly missing a certain tool for your company's growth or operations or you'll exceed the 15 users plan. Our technicians will cater to your company's needs, bringing home the perfect solution and exceeding your expectations. With some of the brightest minds in the business we know we do things better. Thats our pledge to you.

Sign up for BETA

Cirons in now in a BETA-phase and is constantly udating with new functions and stability. Sign up for access to Cirons Beta and start using it today!

Life Support, not needed...

Since Cirons is so simple to use we have little or no need for support on the off chance of you feeling lonely or you have a need to speak to us, we offer full support.
We do not have any robots working for us so when you call there is always a person waiting on the other side, happy to talk and offer support.